Entrepreneur culture in America glorifies tech startup founders, but the reality is that 90%+ of startups fail.

Hi, I’m The Wolf.

I’m a former franchise industry professional that wanted to share the truth about the franchise industry.

I used to work in franchise development, which means I helped various franchise brands find new franchisees in an effort to grow their brand footprint. The company I worked for also had a private equity component, meaning we’d invest in early-stage franchises that we were extra confident in.

This experience helped me gain exposure to all the different franchises that exist in the US today (over 4,000+), and how to evaluate them from an investment standpoint using specific criteria. Beyond the franchise brands, I also met hundreds of existing franchise owners.

About 50% of franchise owners in America today either own multiple locations or multiple brands – so many of them are always on the lookout for the next big brand to add to their business portfolio.

It was through this work that made me realize two key pieces about franchises (which is why I created The Wolf of Franchises):

1. Multi-Unit Franchise Ownership Can Be A Life-Changing Path in Entrepreneurship

It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and it takes a skillful and competent operator to do it – but time and time again I was meeting multi-unit franchise owners who earn significant cash flow each year from their franchises (some earning well over $1,000,000 in EBITDA!).

TV Shows like Shark Tank and publications like Techcrunch will glorify tech-startup founders, but the reality is that most startups fail.

Franchises are an underrepresented path in entrepreneurship, so The Wolf is meant to be a voice for franchise owners and their playbooks for success.

2. Financial Transparency is Lacking

With over 4,000 brands out there, it’s difficult for a newcomer to navigate the ecosystem of franchises on their own. And unfortunately, there’s not as much transparency as you’d expect for what is typically a six-figure investment.

Many franchises don’t share any information on how much money you can earn as a franchise owner – something that I just don’t understand.

After all, if your business is worth buying, why not share information on it?

The good news is, not all franchises hide their info.

Many do share performance data on their existing locations, though it’s still a minority relative to the 4,000+ total brands out there.

Thus – The Wolf of Franchises was born to highlight the franchise brands that are showing the potential for promising returns, and to highlight the entrepreneurs that are building incredible Franchise empires.

I hope you enjoy my content and feel free to reach out with any questions here, or via Twitter!

~The Wolf