Franchise Empires: Season 1 Trailer

Almost all startups are doomed to fail. But there’s another path to entrepreneurship that gets overlooked, one that’s far less risky than starting your own company. One that gets you healthy profits and a healthier lifestyle too: And that’s Franchises.

I’m The Wolf. Welcome to The Franchise Empires.

As you’re listening to this, there are thousands of franchise owners creating financial freedom through franchises. But how exactly can you take your first step to get in on the action? The answer is why I started The Franchise Playbook – to give aspiring entrepreneurs access to the people who have grown their franchises from one location to 10, 20, to even thousands. If you’re interested in franchises, we’re breaking down the exact playbook you need to get started.

To get a taste for what franchises can be like, I want to tell you a quick story about Guillermo Perales.

Guillermo is the founder of Sun Holdings. He didn’t have a special start. When he arrived in the States from Mexico in the 90s, Guillermo was an ordinary guy, just like you and me. His journey all started with just a single Small Business Administration loan, something that many Americans can tap into and take advantage of.

Today Guillermo owns more than 1,200 franchises, employing 22,000 people and generating over 1 billion dollars in revenue every single year. But you don’t need that many franchises to see huge returns, you don’t even need 10. A handful of well run franchises can create the wealth you’re seeking, and on this show I’ll teach you exactly how.

To take your first step onto the franchise ladder, tune in on March 3rd for our season premiere, with new episodes every Tuesday. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.