Franchise Empires: Season 2 Trailer

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or already building out your franchise empire, finding the information you need can be tough. There’s plenty out there but so often it’s opaque and hard to access.

You already know the smart money lies in franchises, you just need to cut through the noise and get the inside scoop on how to choose, own and scale your business.

I’m The Wolf, and this is season 2 of Franchise Empires.

Whether you’re an aspiring owner or have one or two businesses to your name, you’ll get insight into raising capital, and hot takes on how to choose a business that resonates with your values and goals.

Last season I unlocked the playbooks of franchisees from killer brands like Orange Theory, Five Guys, and Dunkin’ Donuts, and this season’s line up is equally as stellar.

Every episode you can expect thoughtful takeaways from a successful franchise builder with practical insights like why you don’t need a ton of investment to get started, the secrets to running 100 stores, and why you don’t need to quit your day job straight away.

Owning a franchise might not be the most obvious path to entrepreneurship, but if you’re looking to build sustainable wealth using tried and tested models, your journey starts here.

With season 2 dropping on June 21, and new shows every Tuesday, tune in for everything you need to build your franchise empire.

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