S5 Ep6: How Shelly Sun Built a $639 Million Dollar Franchise

What’s the best way to drive franchise growth in the senior healthcare industry?

According to Brightstar Care CEO Shelly Sun, it’s paying the best people the best salary possible, encouraging accreditation across all locations to ensure franchise consistency, and aggressive nationwide marketing tactics.

Shelly talks with The Wolf about her top components for a scalable franchise model, the challenges and lessons she’s learned from staying 20% company-owned, and the coming obstacles the home healthcare industry will face as the Baby Boomer generation ages.

Shelly’s passion for providing quality care and her strategic mindset for driving brand growth make for an inspiring interview you won’t want to miss.

0:00 Intro

4:28 Brightstar Components

10:40 Stepping Stones to Evolution

19:41 National Accounts Program

22:54 Early Lessons

30:03 Not Selling Out

36:20 Aging Baby Boomers

41:58 Contact Us

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