S6 E2: The Founder That’s Disrupting McDonald’s, Burger King, and “Big Food”

Can you name the ingredients in a McDonalds French fry?

We’ll give you a hint— there’s over 15 of them. And if that doesn’t give you pause for thought, we don’t know what will.

Meet the franchise creator who doesn’t think fast food should be an excuse to skimp out on health or ethics— and he’s doing everything within his power to build a better fast food system from the top down.

Jesse Konig, the co-founder of DC’s best burger joint, Swizzler, and the brainchild behind the French fry brand, Spudz, talks to Wolf about the importance of knowing where your food is coming from, the shaky and fragile nature our own food systems due to centralized corporations and meat manufacturers, and all of dirty secrets behind the beef, potato, and seed oil industries that you’re dying to hear..

Learn how Swizzler and Spudz are going to back to the basics through encouraging local, regenerative farming practices and simple, better ingredients.

0:00:00 Intro/Background

0:25:51 The Food Supplier Chain

0:34:23 Ethical Beef

0:57:57 Creating the Perfect French Fry

1:17:00 Spudz Fries

1:32:00 Contact Us

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Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jesse_konig

Email: [email protected]

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