S7 E10: From College to Business Partners – Lessons from 5 Territory Owner Group of Ace Handyman Service

In this week’s ep, the Wolf’s chatting with Dan Giacomazzi and Artem Lopatchenko, two business partners in one of America’s fastest-growing home services franchises, Ace Handyman Services, about the benefits of having a franchising partner. 

Discover Dan and Artem’s journey in expanding their franchise territory and learn about their favorite strategies for attracting new customers. How do they divide and conquer tasks to maximize efficiency? From marketing tactics to building trust with clients, Dan and Artem share valuable insights for growing a home services franchise.

Plus, hear why beefing with your competition doesn’t always pay off—is it possible that your enemy may actually be your biggest ally?


00:01:04 – The Genesis of a Business Partnership

00:06:18 – Finding Complementary Ventures 

00:12:27 – From Four to Five Territories: How Marketing Led to Expansion

00:13:54 – Building Trust for Local Home Services Brands

00:17:32 – The Connection Between Physical Stores and Online Business

00:24:01 – The Benefits of Having a Business Partner

00:26:32 – Starting a Venture: Partner or Solo?

00:33:17 – The Truth About Franchise Ownership

00:36:15 – Are You at Capacity?

00:37:40 – Expanding Home Services Business Vertically

00:45:00 – Residential vs. Commercial Business Split

00:45:52 – Starting and Scaling a Home Service Franchise with Ace Handyman Services


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