S7 E3: The Only Pharmaceutical Franchise— With Multi-Unit Owner, Jim Kodman

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Jim Kodman, a pharmacist and franchise owner of Vital Care, an acute and chronic infusion service franchise, as he reveals how Vital Care became the fastest-growing infusion franchise company in the nation, with over 60+ locations. 

Jim shares his journey of becoming a franchise owner and unpacks exactly how Vital Care conquered the market in the home and specialty infusion service industry. 

Jim also explains the importance of working with IV medications and the impact it has on patients’ lives, later discussing his growth goals for Vital Care and the contracting opportunities that come with expanding the franchise. 

Plus, tune in to find out how margins in the pharmaceutical industry vary from other sectors, and the unique qualifications anyone interested in franchising a home infusion franchise should possess.


00:01:12 – Specialized Home Infusion for Neurologic Conditions

00:05:07 – Vital Care: Treating Severe Conditions

00:08:53 – The Scale of Franchise Growth

00:12:16 – The Cost of Medication Coverage

00:17:55 – Pharmacist Diversifies with Vital Care Franchises

00:21:31 – Franchise Your Pharmacy for Success

00:23:59 – Owning a Pharmacy Without Being a Pharmacist

00:26:34 – Understanding Pharmacy Margins: A Range Analysis

00:29:28 – Expansion Goals for Vital Care


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