S7 E4: How Hoppin’ Became America’s First Self-Serve Bar Franchise, with Rich Moyer

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Rich Moyer, the mastermind behind Hoppin’ Franchise Group, to discuss Hoppin’s unique self-serve taproom concept that aims to revolutionize the bar and restaurant industry.  

Discover how Hoppin’ eliminates the headaches typically associated with owning a bar to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for customers…because honestly, who likes waiting for a bartender to pour their beer?

Rich shares insights into the financials of running a bar or restaurant, including typical profit margins and cost of goods. Plus, learn why Rich and his team are seeking ideal candidates who are willing to take a leap of faith and join their franchise family.

From their innovative technology to their focus on community partnerships, the Wolf is unraveling exactly how Hoppin’ is changing the game in the hospitality industry. Tune in for this valuable glimpse into what it takes to own a bar-based franchise.



00:00:54 – Hoppin’: The Ultimate Bar Owner’s Solution

00:09:27 – From Construction to Ice Cream: The Profitable Journey

00:11:05 – The Benefits of Franchising a Business

00:13:18 – The Challenges of Franchising During COVID

00:16:38 – Exploring Growth Avenues in Franchising

00:19:20 – Impressive Revenue Growth for Construction Company

00:23:50 – Finding the Ideal Candidate for Emerging Franchises

00:26:18 – Building a Community with Local Partners

00:28:25 – Profit Margins in the Restaurant Industry

00:30:11 – Find the Hoppin’ Franchise Online


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