S7 E6: From Delivery Boy To Domino’s Franchisee (And Mahana Fresh Founder) – Dave Wood’s Journey

Join The Wolf as he sits down with Dave Wood, the mastermind behind Mahana Fresh, a healthy bowl concept that’s taken the restaurant industry by storm. Discover the challenges and triumphs of opening three restaurants during the midst of a global pandemic, and how Mahana Fresh has adapted and thrived in the face of adversity.

Dave discusses his journey from being a student at the University of North Carolina to managing a local Domino’s store and how his experiences in the pizza industry shaped his approach to building Mahana Fresh.

From the origins of the name Mahana Fresh to the brand’s online presence and celebrity endorsement with NBA star Kyle Kuzma, Dave shares insights into the vision and values that drive his business. Tune in to learn why restaurants are a great opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, and how Dave’s experience as a Domino’s franchisee prepared him for success. 


00:00:29 – From Pizza Delivery to Franchise Success

00:08:57 – From Manager to Owner: The Path to Franchise Success

00:15:08 – Domino’s Expansion: Managing Employee Headcount

00:19:06 – The Story Behind Domino’s Rolex

00:23:25 – Healthy Bowl Concept Thrives Amidst Pandemic

00:30:24 – NBA Star Balances Basketball and Business

00:36:40 – The Growing Opportunity in Restaurants

00:43:57 – Where to Find Mahana Fresh Online


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