S8 E8: Stretching the Limits: The Rise of StretchLab, with Steve Hitzemann

Loosen up. Literally.

StretchLab is the Austin-based company helping others to increase performance and decrease joint pain. The Wolf chats with owner Steve Hitzemann about the fast-growing franchise’s rapid ascent to success.

How did Steve dare to dream of a business model based on nothing more than stretching? Hear how Steve made the impossible possible, and how he’s making a two-membership franchise financially sustainable. 

Is the stretching franchise just another fad? And if so, how has Steve prepared to compete in a potentially soon-to-be oversaturated market?

From its customized one-on-one sessions to a unique approach to customized service with expertly trained flexologists, discover how StretchLab is revolutionizing the wellness industry with its approach to flexibility and overall well-being. 

With six locations open, and more on the way, you won’t wanna miss hearing Steve’s insights on the value of simplicity, staffing, and scalability.  


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00:00:50 – Stretch Lab: Revolutionizing Personalized Stretching

00:03:42 – Training and Connection Key for Flexologists

00:09:05 – StretchLab’s Services

00:13:08 – Creating a Scalable Fitness Program

00:17:05 – Staffing That’s Driven by Membership Base Strategy

00:26:49 – Expanding from One Studio to Six Stretch Labs

00:31:25 – Scaling a Growing Organization with Multiple Locations

00:40:38 – Market Saturation Concerns for Assisted Stretching


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