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In 2007, Kevin Newton founded Honest Abe Roofing in Abraham Lincoln’s home state of Indiana. After 10 years of going door to door with his services, Newton looked to expand the business.

This led to the Honest Abe Roofing Franchise. Thanks to its flexible business ownership opportunities, it allows would-be entrepreneurs to enter the home improvement industry.

Let’s go over what you need to know to become an Honest Abe roofing franchisee.

We’ll look at the company’s average annual sales, streamlined start-up procedure, and what makes Honest Abe better than any other home improvement franchise.

Is Honest Abe a Franchise?

Honest Abe Roofing has become a franchise opportunity as of 2017. Becoming an Honest Abe Roofing Franchisee allows you to rely on its highly-successful business model. It gives you access to a world-class training program and lets you in on their high-profit system.

Since a decade ago, the Honest Abe Roofing Franchise has allowed sales-oriented entrepreneurs to become their own bosses.

It lets them enter this highly-fragmented marketplace without prior industry experience.

Compared to so many businesses that are chain-based, the Honest Abe Roofing Franchise wants to share its success with those who want a piece. It passes success down the line.

The company’s franchising is geared towards entrepreneurs with even a passing interest in home repairs. It allows them to thrive while putting in almost passive amounts of work.

A roofing virgin can enter the industry knowing that they’re in safe hands with this branded product line. Going through the process gives them access to unparalleled opportunities.

All they need to do is consult with a franchise advisor, get their franchise request approved, put in their investment and prepare for the grand opening of their franchise.

This franchise allows franchisees to take control of their business dreams. They get to keep their earnings and reap the benefits of the company’s goodwill throughout the nation.

Honest Abe Roofing Truck

How Many Honest Abe Roofing Franchises Are There?

This trusted brand has 29 franchise units and operates in almost 40 States. Their sales-based business model and enduring commitment to selling only quality roofing products allow them to dominate the market share.

Many have chosen to own a franchise because of how simple Honest Abe makes the entire process. It trains them from scratch, a special benefit of owning an Honest Abe franchise.

Honest Abe’s experienced team conducts a training-focused meeting with owners to provide smart, intuitive lessons that allow them to go from newbies to seasoned entrepreneurs.

Franchisees are trained in the arts and sciences of business management, sales training and sales presentation, outbound phone sales, scheduling jobs, and even accepting inquiries.

A dedicated and open-minded franchisee can learn all they need to know on how to own and operate their franchise from the professional instructors employed by the company.

You can find a free franchise report on their website to see how each franchise works and how the business can help with everything from lead generation to marketing purposes related to business expansion.

How Much Does an Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Cost?

To own an Honest Abe franchise, the company requires potential owners to have $70,000 in liquid capital. Their net worth must also be at least $200,000.

While Honest Abe Roofing provides all the services from construction management tracking to project completion, you will still need to invest $116,391-$361,223 to survive in this economic climate.

It’s easy for individuals with the same philosophy as Honest Abe Roofing to avail of this proven sales-focused opportunity. This is thanks to the unbeatable financing solutions they offer.

The prices are worth every penny because the work is done by partner crews and in-house installation teams rather than your employees.

The only labor you will need to hire is your sales team.

The company gives you all the tools, crew, and training you need to succeed. You will act as a middle-man for the company while still having the full benefits of owning a business.

What Is the Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Fee?

The Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Fee costs $50,000. With 2 million dollars to be made annually, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try your luck with America’s Favorite Roofer.

After all, the company’s franchise assistance is top-notch. They aim to hand you a fully-functioning company and give you the skills to run it at peak efficiency.

Each franchise comes equipped with the AbeConnect Software. It makes scheduling jobs easier.

It lets you handle the lead generation, automated marketing, automated review and referral system, and data and message rates.

The franchise provides you with marketing strength unlike any other and offers you video support (pricing system included). It gives you the tools and the training you need for the business you want.

How Much Can You Make as an Honest Abe Roofing Franchise Owner?

Honest Abe Roofing costs a pretty penny to own and operate.

However, Honest Abe’s never-wavering dedication and proven systems allow franchise owners to reap the rewards of their home improvement business.

Honest Abe Roofing Revenue Chart
Statistics of 2 Honest Abe franchises that were open for the full 2019 calendar year

This business management ability means franchisees can make an average of $2,886,706 million annually in a single location.

Those who make the most of their industry-leading training program and be top performers can even hit $4,354,183 million in this growing market.

This trusted brand allows franchise owners to make sales easy.

Its team-oriented professionals ranging from roofing advisors to support team members, give users a huge leg over the competition.

With so many roofing companies, it pays to work with the best. The company has been trusted for over a decade, providing excellent customer service that keeps customers loyal and revenue flowing.

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Service franchises are of course a different animal than retail franchises, but the average gross revenue for Honest Abe is impressive, albeit a small sample size. In the last year, they’ve gone from 7 franchises to 27 franchises, suggesting that they’re in full growth mode!

Honest Abe Roofing

Ending Summary

The Honest Abe Roofing Franchise thrives thanks to its corporate philosophy: Lincoln-like devotion to duty, working hard, and striving for success.

It lets franchisees enjoy unmatched access to a recession-resistant industry.

Choosing Honest Abe Roofing Franchise will allow you to be part of their track record of success.

Their highly-acclaimed business model and efficient processes offer you endless business opportunities. All you need to do is send them a message and prepare to invest.

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