Hounds Town Franchise – Costs, Fees & Earnings Statistics

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$265,800 - $492,500





Hounds Town USA is a pet services franchise that offers a variety of dog-related services, including boarding, grooming, daycare, interactive doggie daycare overnight boarding, and pet taxi services.

Founded in 2001, the company has since grown to include locations across the United States.

If you’re interested in starting a pet-related business, a Hounds Town franchise could be a great option. Keep reading to learn more about the costs and earnings potential of this franchise.

Is Hounds Town a franchise or chain?

Hounds Town is a franchise. The company was founded in 2001 by Michael Gould, who is a genuine dog training pioneer and one of the founding members of the NYPD Canine Unit. He is also a US Navy veteran.

The first Hounds Town location was founded in Port Jefferson, New York. Since then, the company has expanded to include locations as far south as Florida and as far west as Arizona.

The company provides a safe, fun, and loving environment for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Hounds Town is dedicated to giving each dog the individualized care and attention they deserve to make them the happiest dogs on earth.

How Many Hounds Town franchises are there?

Hounds Town started franchising in 2008 and is a rapidly growing pet care franchise with 18 locations across the United States.

Source: Entrepreneur.com

The company is committed to providing high-quality care for all pets, and each location is staffed with experienced and certified professionals who will establish dog handling protocols. With its aggressive growth strategy, Hounds Town is quickly becoming one of the leading pet care franchises in the country.

How much does a Hounds Town Franchise cost?

A Hounds Town franchise can be a great way to start your own business in the pet care industry. You may be wondering how much it costs to get started. There are a few factors to consider, including the initial franchise fee, the cost of rent and equipment, and the ongoing costs of running the business.

As of 2020, with an initial investment of between $265,800 – $492,500 with leasehold improvements of $90k – $240k in the above range, a Hounds Town franchise can be a great way to get started in the pet care industry.

In addition to the initial investment, you will also need to pay royalties of 6% and a brand development fee of 2% of gross sales for a total of 8%.

Hounds Town offers a unique opportunity to own your own business in the pet care industry with an excellent Hounds Town culture.

With the proven Hounds Town business model and support from experienced professionals, a Hounds Town franchise can help you achieve your dreams of business ownership.

With competing dog daycare franchises, Hounds Town USA offers canine expertise, giving to charities that help with rescuing pets, and freedom and flexibility that other doggie daycare franchises don’t.

You can feel like you are making a difference in your community while at the same time feeling fulfilled that what you are doing gives yourself and others great pleasure.

What is the Hounds Town franchise fee?

The Hounds Town USA franchise fee is $45,000 and the initial investment needed to start a Hounds Town franchise is attractive and much lower than a Dogitopia franchise, which costs $668k – $1.4M.

Franchisees can expect to generate revenue from boarding fees, daycare fees, grooming fees, and other services. With over four decades of experience in the pet care industry, Hounds Town offers a comprehensive support network for its franchisees.

From marketing and advertising assistance to ongoing operational support, Hounds Town is committed to helping its franchisees succeed. For pet lovers who are looking for a business opportunity with a proven track record of success, Hounds Town is a great choice.

How much can the owners of a Hounds Town franchise make?

A Hounds Town franchise is a great opportunity for those who love dogs and have a passion for business. The amount of money that Hounds Town franchise owners can make depends on a number of factors, including the location of the franchise, the size of the facility, and the number of services offered.

The below tables contain information and financial representation for 5 franchise locations and two affiliate locations that have been open for at least 12 months as of December 31st, 2019:

As of 2020, a couple of franchise locations had $189,000-324,000 in net profit.

As an owner, you’ll be responsible for providing a safe and fun environment for dogs to stay, play, and exercise.

In addition to the net worth requirement of $500,000, you’ll need to have $200,000 in liquid capital available. This is to cover the cost of operating the business and to ensure that you can meet your financial obligations.

The good news is that once you’re up and running, a Hounds Town franchise can be quite profitable.

The Wolf’s Take 🍟 

There’s quite a variance in the P&L’s of the franchise locations, as we have a few standouts, a few mediocre performers, and 1 loser.

Location 3 and location 5 are the standouts: considering the high end of the investment range is $492k, to be earning 38% – 65% ($189k – $324k) of your investment back each year, after paying yourself an owners salary, is a great return!

The varying performances could be influenced by a number of things from the competency of the owner, location of the facility, size of the facility and associated operating expenses, etc. A few things are clear however at this early stage:

  1. The initial investment is far more attractive than other daycare franchises (for instance, 1 Dogtopia franchise will cost $668k – $1.4M 😲)
  2. Early data shows the potential that Hounds Town could be a great multi-unit franchise investment

As we discussed last week, given the trajectory of the pet industry, it’s worth looking at all emerging pet franchises that may benefit from the pet boom!

Ending Summary

Hounds Town is a franchise chain that offers pet care services and in the last 3 years, the number of Hounds Town USA franchises in operation grew by over 150% according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

With proper management and a dedication to customer service, owning a Hounds Town franchise can be a very lucrative business venture.

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