🍟 5/16/2024 – $1.3M in average profit..

Slick City

Fast Facts


  • HQ: Chesterfield, MO
  • Founded in 2021, franchising since 2023
  • Slick City is a franchise that operates an indoor action park, featuring dry slides, soft play, air court, multiple other attractions and the city café, catering to both walk-in enthusiasts and special events.

Franchise Fees

Financial Overview

  • The below table discloses information on one Slick City location that was open and operational for the full 12 month period of August 1, 2022 through July 31, 2023.

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Slick City isn’t for your first time franchise owner, but for Wolf Pack members with deeper pockets, this is a franchise that can deliver massive cash flow when executed well.

The concept was founded in 2021 by Bron Launsby, one of the largest Sky Zone franchisees. I love that fact for 2 reasons:

  1. Bron has operated in the indoor kids entertainment space for a long time, he knows it better than most, and has operated through the heyday, and through covid, so he’s been there for the highs and lows and knows how to operate these businesses to have staying power
  1. He’s been a franchisee before. He knows what that relationship is like from the other side of the coin. As a franchisor, it’s invaluable experience to know how franchisees will react, how things get perceived when certain decisions relating to fees, branding, etc. can be made 

Between franchise and corporate locations, eight openings are planned by the end of 2024, and even more in 2025.

The concept also has a cool backstory where Bron partnered with th operator of Slick Slide, the manufacturer of all their slides. It’s proprietary to Slick City, and vertically integrates the franchise in a way that gives franchisees special pricing at their locations.

Having built-in differentiators matters not just for franchisee unit economics, but also defensibility from other concepts that may try to copy them some day.

Overall, this is a killer concept that has the right leadership, and one I am watching closely! 


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