🍟 12/14/2023 – $300k – $450k in Profit in 48 Days?!


1) FunBox

Fast Facts


  • HQ: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Founded in 2019, franchising since 2022
  • FunBox is a franchise known for creating lively and interactive environments using indoor and outdoor bounce house parks

Franchise Fees

  • Royalty: 8%
  • Brand Fund: 2% 
  • Franchise Fee: $45,000 – $80,000

Financial Overview

  • The below table discloses information on 4 *outdoor* FunBox parks operated by their affiliate and franchisees

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

I first covered FunBox in late 2022 when they first began franchising, and they have done a PHENOMENAL job of growing since then.

They now have 32 franchisees onboarded with 44 parks open, so you can expect the 2024 FDD to have even more data to share. 

Regardless, their early franchisees have shown you can achieve a similar level of healthy cash flow that got me excited when I first covered the brand.

Beyond the return on investment potential, I like FunBox for a few reasons:

  1. Unique experience with consistent demand that is difficult to replicate 

While it’s impossible to spin up a competitor, it’s a lot harder to figure out how to create a multi-thousand square foot bounce house experience (and find the manufacturers to produce it) than a fast casual or boutique fitness concept, as examples. 

  1. Insulated from technological innovation 

This is a business that technology can never automate away. Kids will always be kids, and who the heck doesn’t love a bounce house?!

  1. Indoor Model Has Eye Popping Numbers Too

They also show an indoor park model in their FDD that commands a higher investment range at $685k – $1.5M. This location yielded a whopping $921k in profit

They are just starting to roll this out to more experienced operators. If I’m a multi-unit franchisee with capital, I’d be at the minimum looking into this to learn more!

  1. Experienced executive team

This is not the franchisors first time building a business – their exec’s have successful exits in previous ventures, and know how to build a massive organization

  1. You Only Operate for 48 Days Per Year

Within your territory, you set up your FunBox in different places depending on the weekend. There’s 2, twelve week periods in which you operate on Saturday and Sunday only (these periods occur usually in Spring / early Fall). 

Are you going to have to work your ass off those 48 days? Of course! No business is easy. You have to deal with kids, ensure things run smoothly, work long  weekends, deal with a rainy day that could impact your revenue, etc. 

But this isn’t something that requires you to sign a 10 year lease or require attention 24/7 365.

Even with their massive success in year 1 of franchising, there are still plenty of territories available, with some prime northeast and midwest markets in particular up for grabs.

 Check out their franchise website below to learn more!


2) BOR Restoration

Fast Facts


  • HQ: Littleton, CO
  • Founded in 2018, franchising since 2018
  • BOR Restoration is a franchise that specializes in residential restoration services such as mold remediation, fire damage restoration, or debris removal

Franchise Fees

  • Royalty: 7%
  • Brand Fund: $0.00
  • Franchise Fee: $44,000

Financial Overview

  • The below table discloses information on 14 franchise locations that were open for a least 12 months as of December 31, 2022

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Another week, another home services franchise that shows a healthy potential ROI.

Restoration is a business serving painkillers – if there’s a flood, a fire, or otherwise, homeowners need your service!

Local competition could vary and is something to look into, but if you’re looking for a home services franchise, check out BOR!


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