🍟 12/30/2021 A Look At What’s Coming In 2022

Where We Started (& Where We’re Going)

When I started this journey back in July, I knew two things:

  1. There are franchise owners out there making boat loads of cash and nobody is talking about it
  2. No one is providing information on franchises in a transparent way

My goal with both this newsletter and twitter account has always been to change that.

If you google “top franchises” I promise you that you won’t find the level of detail that I share with you in this newsletter anywhere else. If you want to learn any earning potential of a brand, you typically have to get in contact with their sales team.

To me that is a backwards process – interested buyers should get access to the basic financials before having to submit their email and cell phone, which the sales reps will likely ruthlessly blow up in pursuit of you.

And from an entrepreneurial perspective, my previous day job exposed me to tons of multi-unit franchise owners. I’ve met folks who own anywhere from 3-100+ locations of various franchises.

These people are incredibly wealthy, but didn’t have any distinct advantage over others, and didn’t’ have to invent the next Facebook to achieve their financial dreams.

To me that’s worth celebrating, and that’s why I’m constantly beating the drum on twitter, so that other people realize franchising IS a viable path in entrepreneurship.

The newsletter and twitter are just the beginning..

Here’s what’s coming in 2022:


Where I interview and give inside access to conversations with multi-unit franchise owners from all walks of life. If you’re interested in becoming a successful multi-unit owner (like the one belowthis is the podcast for you.

Also – if you’re reading this and own a franchise, let me know! I’d love to chat and have you on the pod so that others can learn from your experience.

Research Platform

I spoke earlier about the lack of transparent information on franchises. To help solve this beyond my newsletter, I am building a beta version of a research platform that will make it very easy to filter franchises and get the high level information you need. The best part is, it will be a free product to start!


At a certain scale, I will be launching a community for both existing and aspiring franchise owners / business owners. Communities can be incredibly valuable to learn from one another, talk strategy, as well as do some super cool things together (think: events, investments, etc.).

Just like with franchises, there is strength in numbers!

The Ultimate Vision

My goal is to ultimately change the way people view franchises – both literally and metaphorically.

While it’s not the path for everyone, many aspiring entrepreneurs should be at least considering franchises as a potential option. And through what we’re building, they’ll be able to do so in a modern and transparent way.

If this sounds overly ambitious to you – don’t worry I’ll have a lot of help, and will be announcing exactly what that means at some point later in January.

Until then though, have a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you on Monday the 3rd!

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