🍟 10/13/2022 – Korean BBQ For The Win!

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1) Dae Gee

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2012, franchising since 2021
  • Based in Denver; 5+ locations open at the start of 2022
  • A korean BBQ restaurant 

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 5.5%
  • Brand Fund: 1%
  • Franchise Fee: $45,000
  • Initial Investment: $380,875 – $954,125

Financial Performance

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

This is the first Korean BBQ franchise I’ve come across, and I’m definitely impressed with the numbers.

The adjusted net profit certainly varies per location, but 3 out of the 5 are performing at a super high level, returning as much as ~60% of the initial investment. 

This is a full-service restaurant – so operations may be a little more complex than your typical fast-causal restaurant, but this could be an exciting franchise to watch grow over the next few years!


2) 100% Chiropractic

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2004, franchising since 2015
  • Based in California; 64+ locations open at the start of 2022
  • Chiropractic services, massage therapy, nutritional supplements

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 6.5%
  • Brand Fund: $750/month
  • Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Initial Investment: $331,124 – $459,600

Financial Performance

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Would ya look at that – it turns out cracking backs pays pretty well!

Didn’t expect to see such impressive numbers from this brand, but alas. 

A few key things to mention:

  1. There’s a big player in this space already called The Joint – they’re a public company and have 773+ locations nationwide. I’m unsure how 100% Chiropractic differentiates from them, so keep that in mind
  1. The big question: “can I own this if I’m not a chiropractor?” Well…it depends on what state you live in. 26 states allow non-chiropractors to own chiropractic businesses via what’s known as the MSO-PC model (Management Services Organization – Professional Corporation). 

I used to work with a veterinarian franchise that was able to have non-vet owners thanks to the MSO-PC model as well. It’s a common loophole used for expansion of businesses that require licensed professionals. 

Anyways, here are the states that allow you to own a chiropractic franchise even if you’re unlicensed:

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. 

If you’re a reader in one of those states, 100% Chiropractic could be an interesting business to dive into!



Youth Athletes United

Adam Geisler and John Erlandson co-founded Youth Athletes United so they could align their business goals with social impact.

They both love sports, and they love how sports can be a vehicle to make a positive impact on kids.

That’s led them to acquiring 4 franchisors:

  • TGA Sports
  • Amazing Athletes
  • Super Soccer Stars
  • Little Rookies Baseball

It’s an impressive holding company they are building, and one that I am excited to watch grow!

To learn more, check out our conversation on YouTube 👇

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