🍟 12/9/2021 – Mr. Beast, QC Kinetix, And More

One Article:

Colossus: Growth Without Goals

This article provides a super interesting framework for how to think about success.

Rather than focusing on long-term goals, where you subject yourself to feeling short of that goal everyday until you reach it, a “continuous success” mindset is about achieving daily goals.

Doing so makes your day to day life much more enjoyable, and still leads to big achievements that look like long term goals from the outside.

I highly recommend reading the full post here.

One Podcast:

Colin and Samir: The Full Story of MrBeast

If you’re not familiar with Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast – he’s 23 years old, is one of the world’s top YouTubers with 84M subscribers, and makes an estimated $2-3M per month from his videos .

In the interview, he’s asked many times about his ambitions and what he plans to do with all the money he’s making. Every single time his response is the same:

“I just want to make the best YouTube videos in the world”

It demonstrates that Jimmy’s super power is his ability to focus on just 1 goal and nothing else.

Many of us (myself included) get distracted by the newest shiny object. Or maybe we have some minor success with a business or product idea, and start expanding to other categories or services before really dominating a specific vertical.

It may not be sexy or FUN to focus on literally just 1 thing year after year, but MrBeast is living proof that laser focus X consistency = $$$.

One Franchise Breakdown:

QC Kinetix

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2017, franchising since 2020
  • Based in Charlotte; 22 units open as of 2021
  • Offers regenerative medicine and non-surgical pain management therapies

Fees + Investment

  • Franchise Fee: $55,000
  • Royalty: 8% of gross sales
  • Brand Fund: 1% of gross sales
  • Initial Investment: $159K – $300K

Financial Performance

The Wolf’s Take  🍟

The numbers are impressive across the board for these affiliate locations, especially considering that this brand was only founded in 2017.

A $300k investment returning anywhere from $193k -$1M in net income per year is pretty amazing. I dug in and made sure that you do NOT have to be a physician or licensed medical professional to operate a QC Kinetix, but a good question to ask would be how does hiring a medical professional impact the economics?

Obviously if you’re pulling in $1M like the Charleston location then it shouldn’t matter much, but still something to consider. Also FWIW, NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith is an official partner of the brand, who believes their treatment methods have helped him after a grueling NFL career.

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