🍟 4/21/2022 – The Top CPR Cell-Phone Repair Franchise Owner


Alex Jones: CPR Cell Phone Repair

Today’s Meet a Zee features Alex Jones, the owner of the top performing CPR Cell Phone Repair franchise in the world.

Not only are there 850+ locations worldwide, but Alex’s location is in Bermuda, a country with a population of just 63,000 people, making it all the more impressive that he’s built the highest earning single location.

Here’s my top 3 learnings from our conversation:

1. The Best Sales People Are Your Customers

Alex is obsessive over the customer experience. He understands that treating his clients well will not only lead to repeat business, but also word-of-mouth marketing from them that will constantly help expand his customer base. 

2. Culture of Transparency

Given how successful his location is, I wanted to know how he thinks about setting his team up for success.

Alex’s philosophy is to lead by example, and demonstrate how he expects his employees to work with customers. But not only that, he gives them permission to make mistakes.

In a business such as CPR where you have cell phones coming in, warranties and replacement parts involved, etc. sometimes you need to balance doing what’s best for the bottom line, and doing what’s best for the customer.

Alex allows his employees to make “game time decisions” with customers, and he reviews them after the fact to coach them on if they made the right choice or not.

3. Working For Yourself = Working for Everyone

This is a good reminder that I don’t think is said enough. From the outside looking in, many people envy business owners and think, “they work for themselves”. 

But as Alex says, he works for everyone – his customers, employees, his family, etc. This isn’t just his business, it’s his life. 

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Any Lab Test Now

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 1992, franchising since 2007
  • Based in Georgia; 195+ locations open as of 2021
  • Health, wellness, drug, alcohol & DNA lab testing

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 8% 
  • Brand Fund: 0% now, can charge up to 3%
  • Franchise Fee: $20,000
  • Initial Investment: $133,900 – $217,900

Financial Performance

  • The below tables are based on 146 stand-alone units from 2019, and 160 stand alone units in 2020

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Any Lab Test Now provides a wide range of common lab tests including DNA, STD, drugs + alcohol, testosterone, food allergies, covid-19, and more.

They’ve found success by being laser focused on disrupting a very specific part of the healthcare industry.

The Problem

  • People wait 1 hour+ to see a doctor and get a lab test
  • Lab tests are traditionally expensive and you don’t always get the results delivered to you
  • Many people don’t get the tests because of the prices

Any Lab Test Now’s model is quick service testing where you’re in and out within 15 minutes, and results are delivered within 24 hours.

I found this model pretty interesting, and off the back of covid-19, can see the need for a privatized business that offers this to consumers.

Given the low investment level and revenue return, this is a business worth checking out!


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