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Best Franchise Podcast: 5 Shows to Help You Succeed in Business

If you’re looking for information and advice on how to succeed as a franchise owner or investor, look no further than one of the best franchise podcast options. These five niche audio shows will give you everything you need to know to make your business thrive.

From tips on choosing the right franchise to strategies for growing your brand, these podcasts have it all. So if you’re ready to create businesses, start your first franchise opportunity or take your existing operations to the next level, tune in and start learning from these franchising experts!

1. Franchise Empires

Franchise Empires is our native podcast for the franchising industry run by the Wolf of Franchises. It is a weekly show that helps entrepreneurs and franchisees alike find success with helpful ways to build, grow, and scale their businesses to achieve the highest profit.

From interviews with top franchisors to hearing their own experiences as business owners to discussing the latest industry or franchise community news, our podcast has something for everyone. In many episodes, we dive deep into the minds of successful franchisees, franchisors, and franchise industry experts to extract actionable advice that you can replicate and use to grow your own business.

We release a new episode every week on Tuesday, so be sure to subscribe to get the latest franchising tips and tactics delivered straight to your device. In the past, we have interviewed experts involved with large brands like Wingstop, Five Guys, F45, Dunkin Donuts, Mellow Mushroom, Mayweather Boxing, Orange Theory Fitness, and more.

This show is a must-listen for anyone who is serious about making their franchise empire thrive. You can follow and listen to Franchise Empires on iTunes, Spotify, Audible, or wherever you get your podcasts.

2. Franchise Masters

Franchise Masters is a show by Dru Carpenito that discusses franchising and how to be successful in business. The podcast has interviews with experts who offer advice on topics such as buying a franchise, researching franchises, funding a franchise, and scaling a business.

The guests on the show also dispel common myths about franchising. If you’re interested in learning more about franchising, or if you’re simply looking for some expert advice on how to be successful in business, then Franchise Masters is worth checking out.

3. Franchise Secrets

As a franchising specialist, Erik Van Horn knows a thing or two about buying, growing, and selling franchises. On Wednesdays, he shares his expertise with listeners, revealing the secrets he uses as a franchisee, consultant, investor, and entrepreneur.

From choosing the right franchise to making it successful, Van Horn covers all the bases, providing practical tools that anyone can use to achieve their franchising goals. Whether you’re a first-time franchisee or a seasoned veteran, there’s likely something useful from Franchising Secrets with Erik Van Horn.

4. Franchise Today

Franchise Today is a weekly show that discusses franchising and how to succeed in business. The podcast features guests who share their best practices for scaling their businesses for sustainable growth.

The podcast also looks ahead to upcoming franchise industry events, guests, or important dates on the horizon. In addition, the show provides full disclosure on what’s going on inside franchising today and serves up discussions with weekly guests.

5. Modrn Business

MODRN BUSINESS explores business technology and lessons from leaders in franchising. It is hosted by entrepreneur and technology evangelist Ryan Hicks and co-hosted by Zack Fishman of Millennial Monthly and Ashley Schuetz of Women in Franchising. Each episode of the podcast features an interview with a successful franchise owner or business leader who shares their experiences and insights on franchising and business growth.

The podcast also includes discussions on the latest business technology trends and how they can be used to drive growth in a franchise business. In addition, the MODRN BUSINESS community provides a forum for franchise entrepreneurs and “intrepreneurs” to connect and share ideas. This audio show is a helpful resource for anyone interested in growing their franchise business.

New to Franchising? Expand Your Learning Resources!

Be sure to check out our Wolf of Franchises website content including franchise analysis, foundational pieces (such as our franchise disclosure document explainer), franchise marketing tips and strategies as well as other free resources designed to help you get started on your franchising journey on the right foot.

The best way to drive into the industry is to learn from master franchisees and key players from around the world. From the above list, you will find the top five business podcasts that are essential for anyone interested in diving into the world of franchising.

I hope this article on the best franchise podcast was helpful!

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