S5 Ep11: The Early Crumbl Franchisee Who’s Now Building Shaq’s Brand

Meet the man who knows a thing or two about franchising: Jace Mattinson.

Having franchised various brands, including Ace Hardware, Crumbl Cookies, and Big Chicken, Jace’s previous career in private equity was a natural segue into the franchising world.

The Wolf sits down to chat with Jace about his early experience franchising with Ace Hardware, as he explains just how different the hardware world is from the fast food industry.

How did he know that Crumbl would be more than just another fad dessert chain? What makes him confident in the longevity of the Crumbl brand, and what’s his experience been like partnering with Shaq to open Big Chicken locations across Texas?

Then, stay tuned as Jace helps to settle the debate over whether Ace Hardware is a coop of a franchise once and for all.

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0:00 Intro/Background

3:00 Getting into Hardware

6:34 The Transition to Crumbl

11:46 The Sustainability of Cookies

17:10 Big Chicken

18:38 Getting Outside of Food

23:46 Franchise Collaboration

26:43 Long-Term Plans

34:16 The Fun in Franchise

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacemattinson/

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