🍟 1/20/2022 – A Modern Skincare Brand

One Tweet Thread:

Riches in the Niches by Girdley

This thread from @girdley was a banger as usual. My favorite of the 17: FlightAware.

It’s an app with 32,000 airplane nerds FREE users that provide info of their flights to the app, enabling everyone else to track the different flights across the country. FlightAware then monetizes heavily via advertising and selling that data!

One Podcast:

My First Million: Businesses with Zero Employees

This episode is chock full of random businesses run by solo-preneurs that generate 7-8 figures PER YEAR.

One of my favorites they discuss is NextEpisode.Net, a business that helps people track tv shows and talk about them with other users.

The guy who runs it has been doing so for 15 years, and even though the website looks ancient, the estimated monthly traffic is 3.6M per month with 80% coming from direct traffic i.e. people who type in the URL directly.

Sam and Steph estimate that the premium membership of just $2/month is easily clearing $1M in revenue per year based on the volume of traffic!

One Franchise Breakdown:


Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2014, franchising since 2021
  • Based in Phoenix; 10 units as of 2021
  • A franchise making expert skincare accessible to the masses

Fees + Investment

  • Franchise Fee: $50,000
  • Royalty: 7%
  • Brand Fund: 2%
  • Initial Investment: $574,000 – $755,500

Financial Performance

  • The below information is based on 9 company owned HeyDay shops during each shop’s first 12 months of operations

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

There’s 3 reasons I felt this brand was worth covering:

  1. The AUV’s are very high on average, especially considering those are the first full 12 months a store is in operation
  2. Level 5 Capital (the folks who acquired 100+ OrangeTheory’s a few weeks ago) led the Series B investment in this brand. When they invest, I pay attention 
  3. This is least important, but – they’re a modern brand. Check out their franchise website below – it’s what you’d expect from a company in 2022, but as we know is not always the case with old franchises trying to keep up

Will be watching their growth closely to see how they execute with their $20M in funding 


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