🍟 8/11/2022 – Earn Profit 10x the Investment?


1) Grand Welcome

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2009, franchising since 2019
  • Based in California; 11+ territories operating at the start of 2022
  • Vacation rental & property management

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 7%
  • Brand Fund: 1%
  • Franchise Fee: $15,000 – $105,000
  • Initial Investment: $33,400 – $161,250

Financial Performance

  • The below table shows data from 5 affiliate territories in 2021

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Grand Welcome is a vacation rental + property management franchise where franchisees don’t need to own the properties they manage, but instead can manage short-term rentals owned by others.

According to their website, they are integrated with Airbnb, HomeAway, Orbitz, Booking.com, and Travelocity. 

The numbers look well….incredible. I’m by no means an expert in the short-term rental market, but it looks like the system is designed for franchisees to find property owners, help them drive more bookings, and franchisees share in that revenue by helping them market + manage the locations.

Given the low initial investment and potential ROI, this is a franchise worth looking into!


2) City Brew Tours

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 2008, franchising since 2018
  • Based in Massachusetts; 14+ locations open
  • Educational craft brewery tours

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 5.5% – 8.5%
  • Brand Fund: 1.5%
  • Franchise Fee: $30,000
  • Initial Investment: $68,200 – $91,500

Financial Performance

  • The below table shows financial data for corporate entities that were operational in 2019, 2020, and 2021

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

If you’re a beer enthusiast, this franchise could be a fun side hustle for you that helps you stack extra cash. 

On my recent trip to Montreal, one of my friends booked a pub crawl for our group. Low and behold, a big van with City Brew Tours branded on it was there to pick us up. 

^There’s a live look at one of the beers we had (each location we received a few small flights to try different beers).

Our brewery tour host was the franchise owner, and he told me that Monday – Friday he works as a carpenter, running his own home-improvement business. He loves doing City Brew Tour on the weekends though as it helps him:

  • Meet new people
  • Diversify his income
  • Get to know all the local breweries in the area

For him, it’s a fun (profitable) passion project, and outside of paying for marketing and the gas money to drive groups around,  just about everything else is included in the fee to go on brewery tours – making this a high margin business!



Shwetabh Gautam – Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza was founded in 1963, and today has 170+ locations open.

Like other brands that have been around for decades – new owners are coming in and rolling up locations.

Shwetabh Gautam grew up in Columbus (where Donatos HQ is) – and now he and a few of his childhood friends have gone from 0 to 6 Donatos locations since the end of 2021!

They’ve done this all while keeping their full time jobs!

Listen here

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