🍟 4/11/2022 – Wildlife Removal Equals Wild Returns


A Deeper Look at Big Chicken from Shaq

The Scoop

Shaquille O’Neal launched Big Chicken in Las Vegas in 2018, and has been franchising the concept for roughly a year. 

The brand has 3 traditional locations open, 2 locations on Carnival Cruise ships, and 70+ locations in development.

They recently signed a 50 unit agreement with a large restaurant group in Texas.

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Much has been written about Shaq‘s success in business since he retired from basketball:

The list goes on..

The Team

Big Chicken is the first business venture where Shaq is a founder.

To do so, he’s put together an all-star team to help him, including JRS Hospitality, an accomplished Las Vegas-based ownership group, as well as Authentic Brands Group, a multinational brand development and marketing firm.

Shaq is the face of the business, and was instrumental in the branding, restaurant design, and menu development. Each item has a story that’s in some way tied back to the basketball star.

Whether it’s the “Uncle Jerome”, a spicy chicken sandwich named after O’Neal’s longtime bodyguard, Jerome Crawford; or the Charles Barkley, named after the NBA legend that Shaquille loves to poke fun at.

Franchise Expansion

The brand is off to a hot start, with a robust development pipeline since they began to franchise. To this point, they’ve strategically partnered with seasoned multi-unit ownership groups.

Their recent expansion into Texas is another example of that, where they partnered with a joint venture co. that operates 50 Sonics, 60 convenience stores/gas stations, as well as investments in Burger King and Denny’s.

I expect this brand to continue to grow, and will be on the lookout for financials as soon as I can get them 👀

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Jimmy John’s

  • Founded: 1983
  • Units Open: 2,755
  • Investment Range: $316K – $559K
  • Average Revenue per Location: ~$1,200,000

Did you know?

The company was founded by young Jimmy John Liautaud at age 19. His father gave him two options: join the army or start a business.

I’d say he made the right decision!


Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

Fast Facts


  • Founded in 1989, franchising since 2013
  • Based in Ontario; 31+ locations open internationally
  • Humane wildlife removal, pest control, + attic restoration

Fees + Investment

  • Royalty: 6.5%
  • Brand Fund: 1%
  • Franchise Fee: $49,500
  • Initial Investment: $89,000 – $132,600

Financial Performance

  • The below table contains performance data from 1 franchised location in the US for the full year 2020

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

Once again we have a niche business that surprised me with their financials…$136k in profit off of an $89k-$132k investment? We’ll take that all day!

As the name implies, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control’s primary service is (humane) pest control. Pests can include raccoons, birds, skunks (yikes), squirrel’s, bats, and mice.

They solve these problems for homeowners with a 3 part approach:

1. Assess and Remove

They’ll perform an inspection and use hands-on techniques to remove those unwanted guests from your home.

2. Clear and Clean

If the animals made any mess, Skedaddle makes sure to clean it.

3. Prevent and Protect

They’ll go the extra mile and identify what the potential points of entry are, and secure them against future infestation. 

If the infestation occurred in an attic, sometimes the mess an animal leaves behind can cause damage and lingering effects to insulation, which can lead to more problems if untreated. Given this, Skedaddle has bolt-on attic restoration services for homeowners as well.

This is a brand that is animal and eco-friendly, with great unit economics. For any animal lovers out there, or folks looking to find a niche home service business, Skedaddle looks promising!


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