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$122,950 - $380,400





Pure Green is a juice bar franchise that offers customers healthy and delicious juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. The business was also featured as an Entrepreneur 500 Ranked Top New & Emerging Franchise.

Beyond their store locations, Pure Green has a wholesale division that benefits franchisees by providing more brand exposure. Their cold-pressed juices sell in thousands of locations nationwide, including 50+ professional sports teams, 500+ high-end healthy supermarkets, and more.

This undoubtedly creates more customer awareness, with the ultimate goal of converting that awareness to increased foot traffic to franchisees‘ stores.

Inside the stores, in addition to cold-pressed juices, Pure Green is becoming famous for its handcrafted and made-to-order superfood smoothies, as well as its acai & pitaya bowls. Every smoothie includes frozen fruit, nut butter, superfood powders, protein powders, and a liquid base of sorts.

The brand only uses the cleanest, high-quality ingredients, as health is the #1 priority, with amazing taste as a close second. To enforce quality control and create healthy but tasty beverages, the founder Ross Franklin put together a nutritional board of experienced dieticians to oversee all menu items.

Quick Takeaways

  • Ross Franklin, a serial entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry, started Pure Green with the mission to build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods.
  • In 2019, the Florida-based company began operating under a franchising model.
  • They have 26 locations open and are focusing on expansion with goals to have 1,000 units open by 2030.
  • To own a franchise, you need liquid capital of at least $100,000 and a $300,000 net worth requirement. This includes a reasonable franchise fee of $30K.

Who Owns Pure Green?

The company was started by Ross Franklin, a serial entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry for the last two decades. Founded in 2014, Pure Green’s mission is to build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods.

In 2019, the Florida-based company began operating under a franchising model, which has been proven to be a great move. With solid growth and high market penetration into the health and wellness industry, Pure Green is now focusing on expansion.

How Many Locations Does Pure Green Have?

The brand currently has 26 locations open, with 30 more stores in the process of being built! Their locations span over 13 states, so their national reach is growing rapidly. The first store opened in New York City, and they’ve since expanded to markets like Atlanta and Chicago.

From a brick & mortar standpoint, it’s early enough where there’s plenty of available territory for franchisees, but not so early that Pure Green doesn’t have any brand recognition. 

They intend to reach 100 locations open by the end of 2023, with a long-term goal of achieving 1,000 units open by 2030. 

One thousand locations is not a random number that CEO and Founder Ross Franklin pulled out of a hat either. He’s thought strategically about how many locations the United States can support without cannibalizing the sales of his franchise owners. 

This shows that Franklin has thought deeply not only about the impact he’s looking to have with customers but also with his Pure Green franchisees. 

How Much Does a Pure Green Franchise Cost?

To own a Pure Green franchise, you need to have liquid capital of at least $100,000 and a $300,000 net worth requirement.  The total investment to open a Pure Green franchise is estimated to range from $122,950 – $380,400.

What Is the Pure Green Franchise Fee?

The Pure Green franchise fee comes in at $30,000, which is reasonable for a fast-casual brand like this. The royalty fee comes in at 6%, and the brand fund is 2%.

Stores benefit from Pure Green’s supply chain, as they’ve created a streamlined ordering and build-out process for franchisees that don’t require any expensive juicing equipment, manufacturing costs, or juice manufacturing hassles. 

Pure Green Wholesale, the affiliate of Pure Green Franchise, sells to franchisees all the cold-pressed juice and cold-pressed shots at special pricing that helps franchise owners manage their cost of goods sold, as well as avoid having to deal with juice manufacturing regulations on their own. 

For new Pure Green franchise owners, the company offers a massive amount of support, including the pre-opening, grand opening, and post-launch phases.

It starts with Pure Green University, a 1-week intensive training at a corporate location. Following that is Leadership University, a training program for franchise owners and leadership teams on all management tools, including POS training, Inventory Management training, Scheduling, Reporting, and Analytics.

When it comes time for the grand opening, Pure Green provides on-site support during your opening week to ensure your business gets off to a great start. Following this, franchisees have access to ongoing support with regular weekly conference calls and on-site visits. 

Inside the stores, you can expect 5-8 employees, including a General Manager and Team Lead amongst the staff. Operating hours are fairly standard, as Pure Green is open:

  • Monday–Friday 7 a.m.–9 p.m.
  • Saturday–Sunday 8 a.m.–8.m.

How Much Can a Pure Green Franchise Owner Make?

As with any franchise investment, the amount of money that you will make will depend on a variety of factors that cannot be approximated, as many of them depend entirely on your local demographics, store location, and total overhead.

However, Pure Green has released the following data highlighting the average gross revenue of two locations (one is a franchise, the other is corporate-owned), and both were open for a full calendar year:

As you can see from the data, the average gross sales of a Pure Green franchise was $729,452, with the highest location earning $772,908 and the other location earning $665,995 in 2021.

The Wolf’s Take 🍟

It’s no secret that obesity is a problem in the United States. In fact, the obesity rate is up 300% since 1975, with an unhealthy diet being a major factor:

  • 49% of adults drink an artificially sweetened beverage every day
  • 75% of Americans don’t eat enough fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats
  • 90% have a diet high in sodium, refined sugar, and saturated + trans fats

Thankfully, healthier food options are becoming a more popular offering, and consumers are buying in!

The industry for all-natural foods is $97.5 billion and is growing at a rate of 13-15% per year. Not only that, as many as 85% of Americans (roughly ~278M people) rate good health as their #1 priority.

This is where Pure Green comes in with its fantastic franchise opportunity. 

With an investment of $123K – $381K, it’s a much more palatable investment range relative to other fast-casual brands that are upwards of $1 million to build.

Overall, Pure Green is making headlines for all the right reasons – a great business opportunity that also makes a major positive impact on its customers.

To learn more about the Pure Green Franchise Opportunity, click here.

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